"The Ponce de Leon Boulevard Roundabout, located in Coral Gables, was a state-of-the-art solution for improving level-of-service at an existing, five-legged signalized intersection. This roundabout was designed by DPA as part of the Village of Merrick Park, which is a nationally recognized retail, office, and residential development. "

Ponce de Leon Boulevard Roundabout

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"The city of Fort Myers retained DPA to prepare a Downtown Mobility Planning Study. This study researched and provided an assessment of land use and multimodal transportation strategies and techniques to reduce reliance on the automobile and to foster alternative modes of transportation, such as transit, trolleys and bicycle/pedestrian facilities. "

Downtown Fort Myers Mobility Planning Study

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"The Coral Gables Trolley helps relieve localized traffic congestion, increases regional transit ridership, offsets parking shortages, and improves the pedestrian environment in the Coral Gables downtown area. By 2010, this fare free system – which is widely considered the most successful local circulator system in the state of Florida – averages over 5,500 boardings per day. "

Coral Gables Trolley

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"Open to traffic in 2006, the Palmetto Expressway (SR 826) interchange at NW 36 Street was redesigned by DPA from a cloverleaf to a partial cloverleaf with loop ramps. The design work included widening of bridges, widening of NW 36 Street, adding turbo lanes, and providing intersection improvements. "

Palmetto Expressway Interchange at NW 36 Street

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