Coral Gables Office

    David Plummer & Associates, founded in 1978, is a progressive civil engineering and transportation planning consulting firm, specializing in transportation engineering, civil engineering and transportation planning.

    By providing unparalleled service, maintaining a creative, experienced staff, and utilizing integrated computer systems, the firm has attained an excellent reputation for its high level of expertise in melding economic needs with government requisites. The result is durable and cost effective engineering projects. Comprised of civil engineers, planners, and supporting personnel, the firm is organized into three technical divisions:

    • Traffic Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Transportation Planning

    The firm’s principals bring extensive technical, engineering, and business backgrounds into DPA’s private sector and public works projects. Our expertise ensures that the multi-disciplinary aspects of projects, as well as the approval process, are satisfied. We are dedicated to meeting client cost commitments and encouraging marketability.

    Planning, coordination, and communication are key elements for every DPA project. The firm’s Coral Gables and Fort Myers offices are electronically linked to facilitate project management of the firm’s regionally based clientele.

    DPA Profile

    Fort Myers Office

    Our proven team management approach, coupled with more than 38 years of understanding local conditions and concerns in Florida, allows our group of professionals to efficiently explore alternatives, develop appropriate plans and studies, and lead the approval process inherent in the project. The firm’s skills in researching and designing practical engineering solutions are often decisive in resolving competing interests presented in many development projects.

    Complementing the planning, design, and management process is a DPA’s state-of-the-art computer network equipped with a full range of CADD, GIS, graphics, engineering, and planning software. DPA is the collective embodiment of thorough planning, design excellence, and conservative business management. Due to our impressive reputation, we are engaged in the preliminary stages of most projects through the planning and design stages, approval processes, and final implementation.

    Whether the project is specific or involves the full services of the firm, we are committed to exceeding client expectations.

    Timothy Plummer, PE
    Mr. Plummer is responsible for the overall transportation planning, traffic engineering, and civil design for DPA. His responsibilities also include the day-to-day management of the firm and client relations. Mr. Plummer is a registered professional engineer in the state of Florida and Colorado and has over 25 years of civil and traffic engineering experience with both the public and private sectors. His expertise includes transportation planning, transit planning, traffic engineering, traffic calming, parking analyses, site design, and geometric design.
    Stephen Leung
    Vice President - General Manager
    Mr. Leung has 30 years of transportation planning experience as a Project Manager for numerous land use and traffic impact studies, comprehensive plan updates, and corridor studies. He has extensive experience with macro and micro simulation models, including FSUTMS Cube / TranPlan, Synchro / SimTraffic, and VISSIM.

    Victor Lee, PE, PLS
    Vice President - Civil Engineering
    Mr. Lee is the manager responsible for the technical direction of the civil engineering functions of the firm. Mr. Lee has over 35 years experience in the supervision, production, and quality control of all roadway and expressway plans and specifications, parking facilities, conceptual roadway design, and water / sewer design projects.

    Todd Seymour, PE
    Vice President - Design Services
    With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Seymour is responsible for roadway and site project engineering for both the public and private sector. These responsibilities include: project management, roadway design, and post design construction management services.

    Juan Espinosa, PE
    Vice President - Transportation
    Mr. Espinosa is responsible for the preliminary engineering and transportation planning projects for both the public and private sector. He has over 29 years of transportation planning / traffic experience including tasks related to preliminary engineering, transportation planning, environmental analysis, site design, access management, pedestrian and bicycle issues and geometric design.