College of Policing

    October, 2011

    DPA prepared the traffic impact study associated with the new College of Policing in the city of Miami.  This project represents a new concept in international school of policing, with a public high school located in a free-standing, four-story, 112,264 square foot addition to the existing police headquarters.

    The new building will host the Miami Police Academy, the Miami-Dade High School of Law Studies, Homeland Security, and Forensic Sciences under one roof. The Academy provides basic law enforcement instruction and classes. It consists of training and administrative areas, student quarters, locker rooms, indoor firing range, and S.W.A.T. area. The high school component provides classrooms, labs, dining area, and locker rooms for 500 students, in addition to administrative space for the staff. Both the Academy and the High School share a 200 seat auditorium and a gymnasium, both of which may be used occasionally for non-police or school related activities.